---What is Devote?

Devote is a statement about our relationship with God. We are devoted to Him. This works itself out in time spent with him in prayer and in his word not because we “should” but because time with God is precious and we desire it.

---Why Devote?

Faith is not about what you believe it is about in whom you believe. The good news of the Christian faith is not merely that you are saved from your sins, but that you are saved for a relationship with God. We have a God who listens, acts, and desires relationship with you. When you Devote time to Him, you can partake in the joy of the gospel: being united with God.

---How to Start Devoting?

“Our lives are hectic, noisy, and messy. None of those are all that conducive to a prayerful devotional life. We encourage you to cut through the clutter and protect some time to:
1 Focus     2 Read     3 Think     4 Pray     5 Live
It might seem like a lot of steps, but it will become like second nature.

---Read Together Plan

Every month, our church produces a monthly Bible reading plan. It is a 2 year rotating plan which will cover the entire Bible. Each day there is a passage from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Don’t wait for a new month, and don’t fixate on catching up. Just jump in in the middle and start devoting time to God in prayer today.

---Ways Devotional

We are people looking to follow God’s ways. Each week there is a way of the week which we are focused on as a church. They are ways drawn from scripture which we believe God is calling us to live out. They may be simple to read, but they are hard to enact. To help us better ingrain these ways in our patterns of thought and action, we have created a daily devotional to go along with the way of the week. Try it this week and see how the ways of God work themselves into your life.

---Prayer is God’s Way to Revival

Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another that you may be healed.  The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.
James 5:16



--- FPCM’s Prayer Initiatives

Life is busy! When do you find time to pray? How do you settle in to make the most of the time you are able to find to allow your heart to communicate with God?

---Prayer Through Jesus’ Eyes… Growing as His Disciples

This Ken Peacock Memorial Lecture series seminar introduces a Jesus so personal, so rich in love, that participants are captivated heart-first to see as Jesus sees, leading to Spirit led prayer. Conveyed through an energetic, interactive format and incorporating the principles of A Praying Life, participants are led through gospel narratives to open their hearts to the nudging of the Spirit to see through the lens of Jesus and then Scripturally pray for those in their own lives. As they enter into a sampling of the beauty of the Person of Jesus, their eyes are opened to a rich encounter with God’s love, and their hearts empowered to love and pray for others.
We are pleased to share the following with you to assist you in your spiritual journey: