FPC Moorestown gives $165,000 for COVID-19 Relief

Over the past month, our missionaries, locally and from across the globe, have reached out to FPC Moorestown for assistance due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Last year, funds were made available to us under the generous legacy of Joan Van Camp. The Mission Committee will be sending funding over the next four months to our missionaries who are reporting tragic circumstances of food insecurity, lack of education, beatings, and extreme poverty.

The Mission Committee, with the approval of the trustees and session, have agreed to send $165,000 in assistance to those deemed most in need. Assistance will occur in three stages with the hardest hit receiving funds first. Prior to sending the final payments, the trustees will evaluate the situation with the church to ensure that we can sustain the additional payments.

The following ministries will receive funding:
  • Moorestown Ministerium/Live Civilly Food Pantry
  • Food Bank of South Jersey
  • Urban Promise Camden Forward Schools
  • St. Vincent de Paul of Moorestown
  • The Philadelphia Project
  • Christian Caring Center
  • Feeding 5000
  • Seeds of Hope


  • Urban Promise International Honduras
  • Antioch Partners Mexico (Weymeyers)
  • Haiti Outreach Ministries
  • Hope Alive Clinic Haiti
  • Urban Mosaic Mexico
  • Medical Benevolence Foundation St. Croix Hospital Haiti
  • Medical Benevolence Foundation Good Sheppard Hospital Congo
  • Medical Benevolence Foundation Embanweni Hospital Malawi
  • Nadia Ayoub (Greece) PCUSA
  • SNEHA India
  • Glad Tiding India
  • Hekima Place Kenya
  • Urban Promise International Africa Ministries