“Grow Faith” WAY #14

WAY #14. GROW FAITH. Take advantage of every chance you have to form your faith—through small groups, classes, and personal study. Be a disciple and look to learn from those who know more of the Bible and Christian life than you do, then look for opportunities to share what you’ve gained with someone else.
I STILL REMEMBER what Pastor Meyers said in 1979 when he invited me to join First Presbyterian Church — “In the church we study and learn together.” He said this to correct my misguided notion that the church is a place for “accomplished” Christians. That was the encouragement I needed as I had many questions to be answered about the Bible, Christianity and the Christian faith.
Way #14 encourages us to “take advantage of every chance you have to form your faith through small groups, classes, and personal study.” Throughout the years, various small groups have helped me to learn who God is, what the Bible says, to grow in faith and live out what I learned. There is great value in small groups in addition to large group gatherings. Small groups help to build close friendships and a support system to minister to each other. They provide a safe place to share our experiences and needs as well as to pray freely for each other. As a result of regular meetings, people become accountable to each other, speak the truth, express care, and feel comfortable to participate in deeper discussions.
In small groups we are encouraged to grow spiritually, deepen our faith, develop our greater connection to the body of Christ, the Church, and to become his disciples to go out and “share what you’ve gained with someone else (Way #14).” In Jesus’ early ministry he appointed twelve disciples to form a “small group,” a group to build a special teacher student relationship, so that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach the gospel. (Mark 3:13-14)
I encourage you to join one of the many small groups our church offers so you can find kindred spirits, meet your needs and grow in faith to become Christ’s disciple. Sign ups are open on the church web site www.fpcmoorestown.org!
Rumi Sinunu