“Make Others at Home Here”

#11: MAKE OTHERS AT HOME HERE. Warmly welcome newcomers and visitors. Offer your name with a smile. Reach out and greet the person you don’t know after worship, during Coffee Hour, in Youth Group or Sunday school. Show a genuine interest in others.
You’re the most important person in the room.
That’s what a newcomer to a Twelve Step group often hears when she steps in her first meeting. Walking into the basement room of a church because you know you need help with an addiction to alcohol or drugs requires extraordinary courage. It’s likely that it’s a terrible day for the addict: her marriage could be ending, her job could be in danger, her very life may be on the line. She’s walking into a room-full of strangers because she may have nowhere else to walk. She’s probably scared to death as she opens the door.
You’re the most important person in the room, she’ll hear. Why? Those who are already in recovery for alcoholism or some other addiction understand that the reason they are in that room is to help those who are suffering from what they suffered from. Those folks in that room also know that they have to give away what was given to them in order to keep it because what they’ve got in sobriety is a gift that was given to them. Finally, when you welcome a newcomer and share what you’ve found in the rooms, you will always, always feel more excited about what you have in sobriety because you’ll realize, by sharing, just how grateful you are.
This Way of the Week sounds like a duty but it’s really a blessing wrapped in an opportunity. You’re here at First Pres for others who need the Lord. Someone, somewhere in your life shared the gospel with you. Now, it’s your turn to do the same. Finally, telling the visitor or newcomer to our church will get you pumped up about what God is doing here.
Go on, and make the newcomer the most important person here. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.
Stuart Spencer, Pastor