A Devotional Life


A Devotional Life

“A devotional life begins with protecting time. No one simply has extra time sitting around. Other activities or responsibilities will always encroach on your devotional time. We encourage you then to PROTECT some time. Make it a non-negotiable. Maybe don’t leave the house or car until you have spent time with God. You will always need to protect the time you want to spend with God. At first, it might seem like an imposition, but we promise that soon it will feel like your moment in the day to breathe deep and relax with God.


Each time you devote, you are going to need to FOCUS. You aren’t just reading some words, but are spending time with the God who made you and loves you. Spend a moment to focus on God. Remind yourself of His goodness or invite Him to still your frantic thoughts. Breathe deep and be still to know that He is God.


Once you are ready to hear from God, the steps are simple. READ. THINK. PRAY. READ God’s word. They are not just a recording of His historical actions or words but are his living words to you today.


THINK about it. It’s easy to glaze over and read all the words, but never think about how they can affect you. THINK about what the scripture for the day truly means to you.


Finally, PRAY. Talk to God about what you thought, ask for his help in enacting it or wisdom in understanding it. Prayer can transform you, so take advantage of this time with Him.


Once you have spent this time, we want you to LIVE it out. It does no good to understand all the wisdom of God if it never affects your life. LIVE it out in your family, your school, work, gym, sport, grocery shopping… LIVE it out in everything you do..