Becoming Disciples


Discipleship at FPC Moorestown

Did you realize that the word “Christian” only appears three times in the New Testament while the word “disciple” appears more than two-hundred and fifty times? Not once did Jesus ever speak the word “Christian.” Disciple may well be the biblical designation of choice for those who follow Jesus.

In the first century, disciples did five things.
  • First, a disciple memorized their teacher’s words.
  • Second, a disciple learned the way their teacher thought and lived.
  • Third, the highest goal of a disciple was to imitate their master in thought, speech and behavior.
  • Fourth, disciples made other disciples.
  • Fifth, disciples submitted totally to the will of their Rabbi or Teacher.

Are you a fan of Jesus or are you a follower of Jesus?


Use those five points as a checklist:

  • Have you memorized the teachings of Jesus?
  • Have you learned Jesus’ thinking and way of life?
  • Do you speak as He spoke and go to the kinds of people He sought out?
  • Do you make disciples?
  • Are you ready to fully obey Jesus and His commands with a spirit of total submission?

The Engagement Project


We are always growing; seeking to become better disciples.

Our church leadership and our committees offer interesting and absorbing studies to challenge us, keep us engaged and lead us on the path to becoming better disciples of Jesus. 
Join us in April for the Small Group Study The Engagement Project, offered on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Hear more about The Engagement Project in this video with Dr. Del Tackett.