“Open Doors for Others to Lead”

OPEN DOORS FOR OTHERS TO LEAD. Encourage others to step into leadership by sharing responsibilities and mentoring. Let go of the jobs you’ve always done and allow new leaders to emerge. Remember that our youth and young adults are not the future of our church but are vitally important for our present.
You there! You’ve been a member of First Pres Moorestown for a decade or several decades? Then you, my friend, are carrying a set of keys. The keys are “the capabilities, power, and access of leaders that carry the potential to empower young people [and those new to the church].” So write Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin, authors of the wonderful book, Growing Young: 6 Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church. The first of these essential strategies of churches who want to grow younger or grow at all is to unlock keychain leadership.
The authors tell us about who has these keys in the church and how they might share or not share them. There are Key-less Leaders. There are young and inexperienced people in the church who have no access or power in the church. They are trying to prove they are worthy and able to hold the keys. Interestingly key-leaders aren’t only young people. Sometimes they are older people who feel like they lost access and their voice. There are Key-hoarding Leaders. These leaders run the show and they aren’t interested at all in surrendering their keys. When they die is when you’ll get their keys . . . maybe. There are Key-loaning Leaders. These leaders will give you the keys for a while. You’ll have to give them back though because key-loaning leaders will always do a better job than you will. Finally, there are Keychain Leaders. “Very aware of the keys they hold, they are constantly opening doors for some while training and entrusting others who are ready for their own set of keys.”
So, long-time member of FPCM, which kind of leader are you? Let our Way of the Week get you thinking about who you can help get their own set of keys. And here’s the reason why, as the authors of Growing Young write, “If you are willing to entrust your keys to young people, they will trust you with their hearts, their energy, their creativity, and even their friends. Yes, it can sometimes seem like more work than it’s worth—but if you give them your access, you have the opportunity to touch a whole generation.”
Stuart Spencer, Pastor