“Pray First and Pray Again” Arlita Winston

WAY #9  PRAY FIRST AND PRAY AGAIN.   AT A CONFERENCE, Dr. Harry Ironside, one of the great preachers of all time, was teaching on prayer. He wanted the audience to understand how and why so many of the prayers we pray are not answered in the way we want them! Listening in from the kitchen was their cook. She came out shyly and asked Dr. Ironside if she could say something. “Why, of course!”
“I know you all love my biscuits! There’s a lot that goes into making them so delicious. I use a coarse salt. I use shortening. I use flour, some baking soda, some baking powder, a smidgeon of sugar, and I beat them together, roll them out, cut them up into pieces, and put them into a hot oven. Now, if I were to give you just the baking powder or flour, or the salt, you would spit it out in a hurry! If I were to give you just the dough, you would spit it out. God cuts our life into little pieces, and puts us into a hot oven so that we can rise! God takes situations like each of these ingredients and puts them together! In the end, we LOVE them! We ask for more just like them!”
We have a granddaughter, Jessica, who is a middle-school teacher in China. She was recently subjected to the CoronaVirus. Some of you have been praying with us, again and again, over these weeks for God’s protection. Last Sunday, at this time, she arrived safely in NYC! Only now are we finding out what she really went through. Each “ingredient,” tasted alone, would bring you to tears. Little do we know how each of our prayers, again and again, lifted her up.
Jessica’s trial reminds me of the Gorse bush. It’s branches bristle with long thorns, sticking out in all directions. The thorns harden and sharpen throughout the year, but come spring, halfway up each thorn, two brown furry balls appear and break into a gold blossom. The Gorse Bush becomes a blaze of glory! Take the hardest thing in your life … pray, and pray again! God, I bring to You the trials of my life, trusting You to bring my soul into blossom at those very points of difficulty.
Arlita Winston