In the PC (USA) form of church government, ruling elders are elected by the congregation; and they constitute, along with any teaching elders (ministers of the Word and Sacrament) called by the church, the session of that church. FPC Moorestown has 20 serving elders.
Very few decisions are made by single individuals and very few decisions are made by vote of a congregation. Most decisions for the life of our congregation are made by the session, who represent the church membership.

Our Members of Session


Class of 2024

  • Paul Booker
  • Leonard Fitts
  • Peg Madorno 
  • Kristen Perkowski
  • Sarah Rotter
  • Gil Warren
  • Jim Wiggans

Class of 2025

  • Rebecca Castellanos
  • Lorenzo Eagles
  • Cheryl Gaskill
  • Paul Grossmann
  • Matt Livingston
  • Frank Manion
  • Joyce Wenzke

Class of 2026

  • Pam Engle
  • Gayle Payne
  • Melody Ransom
  • Dave Rebuck
  • Ginny Weber
Clerk of Session: Ann McBride

Session Ministry Teams (Committees) For 2022 – 23


Program Ministries

Adult Spiritual Formation (2 Elders ) – Sarah Rotter, Lorenzo Eagles [Staff – Wes Allen]
Discipleship (1 Elder) – Joyce Peacock
Discipling Children and Youth Ministry Team – Cheryl Gaskill [Staff – Holly Asciutto]
Evangelism Ministry Team (1 Elder) –  [Staff – ]
Membership and Nurture Ministry Team (2 Elders) – Gary Bender, Gayle Payne
Mission Ministry Team (2 Elders) – Kristen Perkowski, Peg Madorno [Staff – Linda Jagiela]
Music Ministry Team (1 Elder as Chair) –  Rebecca Castellanos, Chair [Staff – Joel Krott]
Prayer Ministry Team (1 Elder as Chair) – Pam Engle, Chair [Staff – Stuart Spencer]
Worship Ministry Team (2 Elders) – Paul Booker, Kevin Fauvell [Staff – Stuart Spencer]

Support Ministries

Long Range Planning Ministry Team (1 Elder) – Paul Grossmann [Staff – Stuart Spencer]
Nominating Ministry Team (2 Elders) – Gil Warren, Matt Livingston [Staff – Stuart Spencer]
Personnel Ministry Team (3 Elders) –  Jim Wiggans, Dave Rebuck, Rebecca Castellanos [Staff – Earl Gage, Stuart Spencer]
Stewardship Ministry Team (1 Elder) – Nancy Chumney [Staff – Stuart Spencer]
Technology and Communication Ministry (1 Elder) – Frank Manion [Staff – Earl Gage, Jan Martin]

Additional Responsibilities Or Assignments

Presbytery Commissioner (Up To 3 Elders) – Leonard Fitts
Presbyterian Women (1 Elder) – Cheryl Gaskill
Clerk of Session (1 Elder) – Ann McBride
Associate Pastor Nominating Committee – Kevin Fauvell, Chair
Elders-at-Large – open

News from Session