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Fewer gifts under your tree means more help for the world. Put joy under your tree.

It takes people like those who continue to support our Alternative Gift Market to make a huge difference in the lives of those in the ministries we support.

Around the globe, our mission partners are dealing with food insecurity, poverty, human trafficking among the many other challenges. Even a small gift has a major impact in a developing country.

One ministry partner in India told us the following story:

“Ann (not her real name) is from a small village in India. She is from a poor family and is married with four children. She lost her job during the pandemic and was no longer able to contribute to the family’s income. It became a difficult struggle for the family to figure out how to provide enough food so that the children did not go hungry. Ann wrote to us the following: ‘By the grace of God. you supported me through the COVID 19 relief kit which was so very helpful for our day to day life. Thank you so much for your love and care.’”

That kit which provided enough food for an entire month cost only $25. Wow! What an impact.

Your tribute gifts help those in need around the globe. Honor your loved ones, family members, friends and business associates at Christmas while providing assistance to these ministries. With each gift you purchase, you will receive a card designed by members of our ministries or by young members of First Presbyterian Church Moorestown.