Contemporary Worship Band


With Wes Allen, Associate Pastor and Contemporary Worship Leader, at the helm, our Contemporary Worship Band leads the contemporary service in worship and song. 

Our band has become a growing family we would love you to join. Whether you play an instrument, sing or would like to help with technology, we invite you to share your talent with us.

Our Weekly Worship Team

  • Michelle Davis (vocals)
  • Winnie Jiang (vocals)
  • Kalane Williams (bass)
  • Curtis Blaine (drums)
  • Steve Drzaszcz (vocals)
  • Rev. Wes Allen (vocals/guitar)
  • Alice Conley (visuals)
  • Taylor Adair (audio)

And Some of Our Newer Members

  • Norm Dorell (drums)
  • Andy Cross (electric guitar / bass; also a former member)
  • Joe Wichterman (electric guitar)
  • Tony Saranchak (drums)
  • Jamie Farmer (drums)
  • Joshua Leonard (audio/visuals)
  • Jennifer Allen (audio/visuals)
  • Vivian Allen (vocals and a/v)
  • Tom McBride (drums)
  • Jeff German (guitar/vocals)

Would you like to learn more about our

Musical Opportunities?

Everyone is welcome at our weekly choirs groups and in our band.
Below is a short registration to ensure we have the right information for you.

The Contemporary Band Sings!

As you will see in our videos, our members and friends join voices in song to praise our Lord in many ways!