Discovery Bible Study

“If you seek me, you will ever surely find me,” saith the Lord.

Discovery Bible Study

Since mid-July of 2020, 12 high school students have been participating in Discovery Bible Study, a chronological view of the Bible from creation to redemption.

Having made their way through the COVID-19 pandemic, Discovery Bible Study continues to meet and learn.

This study has grown to include a second group of younger members; learning and discovering together as God’s faithful disciples.


This way of learning Scripture was introduced to the congregation by Ed Gross. It asks two questions: “Would you like to discover, for yourself, what God is like and how He wants you to live?”

A distinguishing factor is that participants, before reading the passage of the week, ask God to show us what He wants us to learn about Himself and ourselves.
After a very special way of reading and discussing the passage, participants make an “I will” statement in which they record specifically how they will change their behavior on the basis of what God has shown them.
The members of this group have been outstandingly faithful to this study and highly participatory. As opportunities for Discovery Bible Study groups become available in our church, my hope is that many will want to “Discover what God is like.”
– Joel Krott
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When the weather chilled, we met in Fellowship Hall.

To learn more about Discovery Bible Study, please contact Joel Krott, Director of Music Ministry, at 856.235.1688