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We hope that everyone finds a home within a community of faith and becoming a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown is a great step toward that end.

Membership is not the same as being saved, it won’t make God like you more, but it will help you tie into a community of faith. It is that community who will walk with you in good times and bad, and who will challenge you to grow closer to our Lord. Membership can be a great step in your faith and your commitment to God’s people.
If you think membership is the right next step for you, we offer Inquirers’ classes for adult membership information and instruction.OUR INQUIRERS’ CLASS
And we offer a CREDO Youth Church Membership for those interested in joining in worship and activities for school aged members. 
You are also encouraged to contact:
Rev. Stuart Spencer, Pastor / Head of Staff, 856.235.1688 x 103
Get in touch by completing this online form to learn more about what FPC Moorestown does.  YES, I’D LIKE TO LEARN MORE…
We are so excited that you’re looking into becoming a member at FPC!