Q1: What shall we expect when worshiping in the sanctuary and Miller Commons?
We offer a complete in-person and live stream worship service, with music, sermon, liturgy, prayer, at 9:00 am (Traditional in the Sanctuary) and 11:00 am (Contemporary in Miller Commons) each Sunday and an online Praise and Prayer worship service on Thursdays at 7:00 pm.
Q2: How many members belong to the church?
We have approximately 1,100 members.

Q3: What is the age breakdown of the members?
We have 150 members age 25 and under; 219 members 26 to 40 years of age; 210 members ages 41 to 55; 290 members ages 56 to 70; and 209 members over 70 years of age.

Q4: What fellowship groups might interest me?
We have activities for all ages, interests, and skill sets. These include choirs, circle meetings, book groups, mission opportunities, social gatherings, classes, visiting “experts,” sewing and craft gatherings, fun groups for children and youth, and more. Our meetings take place in person and via Zoom or live stream depending on the activity. As you look around this website, you’ll get an idea of the opportunities available to you.

Q5: Are there opportunities for me to share my gifts and help others?
We have long been know for our many outreach activities and mission services. Visit our Missions page to learn more.

Q6: Tell me about your Sunday School.
We have classes for all ages and they average nearly 30 children in each grade from Kindergarten through sixth, and around 40 in each grade from 7 through 12. We also have classes for young adults and people over age 25. We have had to re-structure the ways in which our groups get together and we have with great success! We are meeting in small groups, in-person classes (some with hybrid options) and via Zoom.

Q7: Do you have any large annual projects?
Yes! In the past we’ve had a wonderful, fun family Strawberry Festival. We have hosted beautiful concerts and welcomed expert speakers to our forums. These are fund-raising and friend-raising activities.

Q8: What is your annual mission budget?
Our annual mission expenses are approximately $468,000.

Q9: What can you tell me about your music program?
Look on this website under “Music” to learn about some of the choirs and activities we’ve offered. You can also hear some of the music we’ve enjoyed.

Q10: What sets your church apart from others?
Each church has a “culture.” We’ve been following an initiative we’ve developed named “25 Ways to a Loving Culture.” We believe that when we follow these ways, we are demonstrating our commitment to the Great Commandment, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and with all your mind … [and] you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”