Our garden is growing!

First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown in the Spring of 2023

In August 2022, Pastor Stuart Spencer initiated a task force to explore interest in the creation of a cooperative garden at FPC Moorestown. The task force met regularly to dream and pray, learn and plan and included church and Staff members. It’s a blessed undertaking and we are excited!

What’s Happening


Crop Plantings

We have plans for planting spring crops in March and April. We would love to have a few of you show up for one or more of these events. There’s no need to sign up. You can simply show up and join in. Each planting event will last between 30 – 60 minutes, depending on what is being planted and how many of you come to the event. Toni Farmer will be leading these activities and providing a bit of garden education while you plant.
Saturday, March 25th 11 am. Pea-Planting. Bring your flat-top shovel if you have one and your garden gloves. We’ll be turning over soil around the inside perimeter of the garden and planting peas. We’ll use the garden fence as the trellis for these climbing-vine plants.
Sundays, April 2, 16 & 23 12:30 pm. We will plant beets, carrots, lettuce and radishes in the garden beds. You may want to bring along a trowel and gardening gloves.

Mission, Vision and Why Statement


Our Mission:

The Mustard Seed Cooperative Garden, hosted by FPC Moorestown, provides fresh foods to promote the well-being of everyone in our community. We look to join hands with our Moorestown Ministerium churches and other members of our community to nourish and nurture our neighbors by raising and sharing fresh produce. Children, youth, young adults and their families are encouraged to come to help tend the gardens and enjoy this beautiful place. In addition to fresh produce, we cook and provide ideas for delicious meals using what comes from the garden.

Our Vision:

We offer a beautiful garden to gather people from our church family and community to grow, prepare and enjoy fresh foods with everyone and anyone in our community, ensuring that all have access to nutritious produce.

Our Why:

We desire to be fruitful followers of Jesus: “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15: 5)

First Year Goals

We believe it is important in the first year to set modest and realistic goals so that our church can experience success and build enthusiasm for the growth of the garden ministry.
  • Goal 1: Construct durable, high-quality raised garden beds on a section of the church property with access to sunlight and a water source. Construct an attractive fence to protect the garden from animals eating the produce. The garden will be designed to be accessible to people of all abilities and to be a beautiful addition to the labyrinth and fire pit areas, forming a park where people can relax in nature.
  • Goal 2: Successfully grow a selection of popular crops in the spring, summer and fall of 2023 to be shared for free with all who attend FPC Moorestown through special events planned during the growing season.
  • Goal 3: Engage church members of all ages in the garden through education, training and coordinated garden care and maintenance activities.
  • Goal 4: Share the produce for free with congregants and community members.

How Our Garden Grows


The garden is growing 

Our Mustard Seed Cooperative Garden is constructed in the grassy area near our large parking lot and the Labyrinth. As the seasons progress stop by to see what has popped up!
The garden is designed to meet three goals. First, it will use the space efficiently for maximal food production. Second, the garden will be aesthetically attractive and inviting. Future plans include adding benches and picnic tables for people to sit and enjoy the space. Third, the garden is designed to be accessible to people of all ability levels, including those who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Raised beds will allow those who are unable to bend down to the ground to participate in gardening. Kneeling benches will be built on the sides of the raised beds.

Imagine this…

Enter through an arbor way into the garden! Next to the entrance, there will be a wheelchair accessible bed to the left. Between the two back beds there will be an arch trellis that will also serve as an entranceway into the next part of the garden. At the back will be two 3 x 20-foot in-ground beds. There will be a fence around the garden with room to expand to accommodate two additional in-ground beds.
We thank Brian Pearsall and Alex Seidel, Backyard Gardens LLC, for the design and construction of the garden. Find them on Facebook

Funding Sources


We have TWO Sources

Year 1 garden construction and implementation costs will be covered by two sources of donations to FPC Moorestown that are separate from the general fund.
  • The Memorial Fund was designated for improvements to the physical property of the church.
  • A second source of funding was pledged by a member toward the construction of the garden.
We are thankful for our generous donors and welcome all who would like to participate in this way.  DONATE

Help Wanted and Welcome


We are starting small our first year,

so that we can learn what works best and develop a solid team of volunteers. We envision the garden ministry growing in the coming years to produce more food to feed our neighbors and to provide a variety of educational and training experiences for children, teens and adults.

Would you like to volunteer to participate in the garden this year?

We are looking for people interested in planting, tending and harvesting the garden. We also need volunteers to help with communication  and to help plan our outreach and educational programs.

You’re invited to complete a brief survey at our Annual Meeting and online indicating your interests. 


The Garden is led by a committee which includes Leslie Spencer (Coordinator), Toni Farmer (Master Gardener – visit Toni on Facebook) and Susan Shaffer (Deacon Liaison). Each member, and our staff, is available to answer questions you may have. Please contact the church office at 856.235.1688.



NEW: Organic Vegetable Gardening 101

Are you new to gardening? Would you like to learn the basics of how to grow food and do it using organic methods? Master gardener Toni Farmer would love to present this workshop in April if we have a group of people who are interested in attending.
Let us know if you would attend the workshop and whether you prefer a Wednesday evening or Saturday morning and if you would attend in person or over Zoom. If there is interest, we’ll follow up with a date and time!

Watch Our Progress!