Prayer Habits


It’s a relationship with God.

When you spend regular, frequent time in prayer, you allow God to do his work in your heart. Through prayer, He will transform your life and bring you to new joy in Him.


Habits of Heart & Mind

  • Daily Quiet Time in the Word & Prayer
  • Constant Thankfulness
  • Pray Before Meals
  • Pray for Others on the Spot as Needed
  • Establish Family Devotions
  • Pray for/with members of your family as they head off for the day and before participating in events
  • Set aside a portion of your week to fast and pray. Pastor Stuart is suggesting Thursdays for our congregation. 

Gathering Habits

  • Pray beginning and end of meetings
  • Pray Staff concerns
  • Share/Discuss Way of the Week

Be Not Afraid

A Duet by Arlita Winston (a member of First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown) and Ruth Naomi Floyd.