Legacy Giving

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”  II Corinthians 9:7 (NIV)

Live Forward. Give Forward.


We recognize and honor

those who have created a legacy here at First Presbyterian Church through their bequest gifts, both large and small. These donations, benefiting our programs and services, ministries, beautiful grounds and property, and our impact in the world, make an enduring statement of faith for God’s work here on earth.


A legacy speaks not about how we died, but how we lived.

It speaks about the things that move us in life, the things that matter to us. A legacy is an expression of gratitude and thanks to God for all that has been given and enjoyed in life.


In creating a legacy,

the dream is to keep our church caring and working here after our lifetime. Our church offers many resources to begin this conversation such as wills and estates, donor advised funds, trusts, bequests, memorial donations, in-kind donations and charitable giving.

Including a gift to the church in your will or estate

can make a lasting difference for our church family and faith community. It’s a simple process and we can help. Please contact the church office at (856) 235-1688 and your family’s financial planner or legal advisor.


Over the years, special gifts and bequests have allowed our church to “live forward” and provide for our future as we do the work of the Lord. Just some of the growth opportunities that were realized because members made a plan to “give forward” have been:
  • Construction of Prayer Room and development of prayer team ministry
  • Renovation of Main Kitchen
  • Energy upgrade of HVAC/lighting for cost efficiency
  • Restoration of carillon bell tower
  • Replacement of Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary roofs
  • Yearly scholarships to high school seniors
  • Installation of high efficiency boilers
  • Fire code upgrades for boiler rooms
  • Beautification of cemetery, cross, hardscaping, landscaping, entry
  • Upgrade of church office computer system network
  • Repair and resurfacing of all parking lots
  • Installation of improved drainage
  • Creation of Spencer Powell Fund for pastoral housing
  • Purchase of pick-up truck for property use
  • Build out of Miller Commons stage
  • Way of the Week Showcase and artwork


The Van Camp Legacy

Joan Van Camp, a long time and faithful member of of FPC Moorestown, left a generous legacy bequest to the church. Through Joan’s unparalleled generosity, the church has addressed numerous upgrades to God’s House over several years and donated sustaining gifts to our local and international mission partners. Her gift impacts not only the present, but generations of members and families to come.

Updates to God’s House


Mission Work Locally and Globally


The Van Camp Porch

Dedication, August 2021