A Time to Scatter … Gather

As our church continues to gather together again for worship, we will plan to gather to kick off the 2021 program and school year with our Ministry Fair on Sunday, Sept. 12th. The Ministry Fair features table displays from church ministries to educate the congregation about specific goals and gain new participants. Watch for a companion August sermon series on gathering as well.
As in previous years, the Ministry Fair centers around four key practices that enliven our faith:
  • We connect in smaller groups to discover fellowship with God and one another
  • We devote regular time to deepen our relationship with God through Scripture and prayer
  • We serve the needs of others
  • We worship our Lord together
Our individual and collective faith flourishes when these practices are consistently embodied, so we’re highlighting how we can live them out together. For example, if you’re a newcomer or visitor, perhaps a good place to start is to connect with others and discover what it means to worship with the body of Christ. If you’ve been devoting time to God on your own and long for fellowship and rich dialogue, you might consider joining a small group. Maybe the Spirit is leading you to discover the gift of service as an usher or audio visual technician.
Our goal remains to encourage FPC Moorestown and the wider community to grow in love for God and one another; to encourage people of all ages and stages of faith to reflect on what it means to connect, devote, serve and worship. How is God calling you to take your next step of faith? What does it mean to listen to the Spirit as it guides you toward new opportunities to love God and your neighbor for the coming year?
We are grateful to be on this journey together and look forward to hearing how we can support you as we all seek to be Christ’s salt and light!
Your Church Staff


Don’t the areas overlap?
Yes. We worship through serving and meeting together and devoting our hearts to God, but in the interest of clarity, we have made what we think are meaningful separations between them. This is not intended to erase these connections, but to highlight areas for growth. As you engage in one step or expression of faith it will become clear how one expression of faith transforms your experiences in the other three.
Where is the Ministry Fair? When will it begin and end?
The Ministry Fair will be held in Fellowship Hall and Miller Commons lobby on Sunday, September 12th. It starts at 9:45 AM and ends at 10:45 AM. However, each area of the fair (Connect, Devote, Serve and Worship) will remain set up for the entire day on Sunday to give everyone a chance to explore and learn more about FPC Moorestown.
How does my ministry area reserve a table?
To reserve a table, contact Earl Gage at or (856) 235-1688, Ext. 106 by August 21st. Table space is limited so in some instances, groups will be asked to share tables.
What are the COVID protocols?
At this time, masks are optional, with the knowledge that most in the congregation are fully vaccinated. Hand sanitizer will be available.
When does set up begin?
Tables will be placed in all four areas of the Fair (Connect, Devote, Serve and Worship) on Thursday, September 9th. We kindly ask for all participants to leave their ministry information at their areas until Monday, Sept. 13th. This way, no matter whether you attend the Traditional or Contemporary worship service, you have time to explore and learn more about FPC Moorestown. Property staff will break down tables on Monday, Sept. 13th.