Christian or Disciple


Renewal of Biblical Discipleship Workshop

Lead by Dr. Edward N. Gross, Coordinator of Discipleship Renewal – Compassion for Life Ministries.
“My mission is to follow Jesus and make disciples of love who will advance His Kingdom through multiplication and missional unity.” – Ed Gross

To be a Disciple meant five things:

  • Memorizing the words of their teacher
  • Learning their teacher’s way of thinking
  • Imitating their teacher’s actions
  • Submitting completely to the will of the teacher
  • Raising up other disciples

Are You a Christian or a Disciple?


Dr. Edward N. Gross

Ed is a missiologist (one who studies mission movements around the world) and a former seminary professor. He’s the author of numerous books including, Are You a Christian or a Disciple: Rediscovering & Renewing New Testament Discipleship. In a presentation, Ed pointed out that the New Testament only uses the word “Christian” three times, while the word “disciple” is used more than two hundred fifty times. Terminology is important. Ed taught, “Discipleship in the ancient world [e.g. first century Palestine] was a common phenomenon. It primarily involved commitment of an individual to a great master . . . “