God’s Huge Heart

This summer we will be hearing God’s Word from the book of Hosea.

The relationship of the faithful prophet to his unfaithful wife offers hope for all people to become reconciled to our gracious God.
Be sure to join us for Drop-In and Discuss! Each week the text for the day will be available in several translations, and a facilitator will oversee the discussion. No preparation needed! We will gather in the Lounge, Sundays at 10:00 am.

Joining Us for Sunday Service?


We offer two services on Sunday

  • 9:00 am Traditional service in the Sanctuary
  • 10:30 am Contemporary service in Miller Commons
  • And on 5th Sundays a special Combined Worship service in the Sanctuary at 9:30 am only
We’ll continue offering our live stream for those who can’t come to church or feel safer watching from home.
Our Thursday Prayer and Praise Service, available online only, is on hiatus during July and August. Instead, join us at the church (on the Van Camp porch) for Prayer on the Porch, first and third Thursdays at 7:00 pm. 

Welcome Back Sunday, September 10.

One worship service at 9:30 am in our Sanctuary.


New Worship Times

Beginning Sunday, September 17
  • Our Traditional service begins at 9:00 am.
  • Sunday School and Adult Spiritual Formation classes will meet from 10:15 to 11:15 am.
  • Our Contemporary service starting time remains at 11:00 am with 15 minutes of gathering music, prayer and the sharing of WOW moments.
Our Services
Sunday, September 3, 2023

“The Lights Are On”

Scripture Text: Hosea 14:1-9
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
WAY 18
Sunday, August 27, 2023

“Once More”

Scripture Text: Hosea 13:1-9
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
WAY 17
Sunday, August 20, 2023

“The Path You Follow”

Scripture Text: Hosea 11:12 – 12:14
Rev. Wes Allen preaching
WAY 16
Sunday, August 13, 2023

“God Won’t Give Up”

Scripture Text: Hosea 11:1-11
Rev. Wes Allen preaching
WAY 15

Sunday, August 6, 2023
“A Bumper Crop”
Scripture Text: Hosea 10:9-15
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
WAY 14
Sunday, July 30, 2023 – Fifth Sunday

“The Great Reversal”

Scripture Text: Hosea 9:1-17
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
WAY 13

Sunday, July 23, 2023
“God’s Huge Heart for Malawi”
Scripture Text: James 1: 14-20
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
WAY 12
About the Malawi Trekkers 2023: Urban Promise International formed a team of cyclists who rode more than 300 miles from Lilongwe to Blantyre, Malawi, visiting Urban Promise ministry sites along the way. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in support of children’s programs at our African affiliates. Visit our trek site to learn more and to support a rider including Jim Dugan or Stuart Spencer: https://runsignup.com/Race/MW/Lilongwe/TrekMalawi2023
Sunday, July 16, 2023 

“Don’t Be a Wild…”

Scripture Text: Hosea 6:11 – 7:3; 7:11-12; 8:4, 7-9
Rev. Wes Allen preaching
WAY 11
Sunday, July 9, 2023

“Christian Impenitence”

Scripture Text: Hosea 6:4 – 7:16
Rev. Wes Allen preaching
WAY 10
Sunday, July 2, 2023 – Independence Day Weekend 

“Soul Medicine”

Scripture Text: Hosea 5:8 – 6:3
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
Our offices are closed Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. God Bless America!
Sunday, June 25, 2023

“The Case Against Us”

Scripture Text: Hosea 4:1-12
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
Sunday, June 18, 2023 – Father’s Day 

“What’s Love Got to Do With It”

Scripture Text: Hosea 2:14-3:5
Rev. Wes Allen preaching
Sunday, June 11, 2023

“Protecting the Investment”

Scripture Text: Hosea 2:2-19
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
Sunday, June 4, 2023

“Leaving Clues”

Scripture Text: Hosea 1:1 – 2:1
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
Looking Forward
Sunday, September 3, 2023

“The Lights Are On”

Scripture Text: Hosea 14:1-9
Rev. Stuart Spencer preaching
WAY 18
Resources for Our Hosea Sermon Series

The Huge Heart of God

“Hosea has all the intrigue of a love story gone wrong; it is the kind of sordid tale too often replicated as entertainment. The dramatic introduction to Hosea, however, is not meant to titillate but to shock the senses. Hosea draws the reader into the very heart of God, torn between the righteous indignation of a jealous husband and the unfathomable love of a father for his wayward son.”
Richard Alan Fuhr, Jr. and Gary E. Yates, The Message of the Twelve
Author: Hosea (c. 750-749 BC)
Hosea ministered to the northern kingdom of Israel for about 40 years.
Hosea’s ministry spanned 4 kings of Judah (Uzziah- Hezekiah) and 6 kings of Israel (Zechariah – Hoshea). Hosea was a contemporary of Amos in the North, and Isaiah and Micah in the South. Hosea’s personal life illustrates his message more than any other prophet. An adulterous wife (Gomer) and a faithful husband (Hosea) illustrate the spiritual adultery of the nation of Israel.

Bible Project

(A free video resource on YouTube)

Idolatry: A Major Theme from Hosea

CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
What Is Idolatry?
At its core, idolatry creates a god to manage and control. Let me give an example to help clarify. In the ancient Middle East, the Canaanites created the god Baal. Baal was their weather god. Through sacrifices and offerings, they believed that they could obligate him to produce fair weather so that their crops would yield a good harvest. So, at its core, idolatry says to its god, “If I sacrifice enough for you, you owe me.”
Of course, most people are not offering sacrifices to fertility gods for a good harvest. But many trust false gods to benefit from what that god can give.

Books for Study

  • Tim Chester, Hosea: The Passion of God. A commentary on Hosea   PURCHASE
  • Jen Pollock Michel, Teach Us to Want: Longing, Ambition, and the Life of Faith. An award winning book our desires and God’s.   PURCHASE
  • Timothy Keller, The Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power and the Only Hope that Matters   PURCHASE
Join Us For Sunday School

Adult Spiritual Formation

Drop-in and Discuss!

Sunday Mornings 10:00 -10:45 am.
Join us each Sunday morning this summer, to discuss the day’s sermon text. We will gather in the Lounge from 10:00 – 10:45 am. Get your coffee and drop in for ten minutes or for forty.

Children’s Sunday School

We are not offering Children’s Sunday School during the summer months. See you again in September!
Sunday School for children and youth meets Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 am.
It’s where children learn about the Word of God, the love of God, and His rescue plan; the Promised Savior, Jesus!