Crossing Zone

In Crossing Zone preteens will learn to navigate the issues facing them in their everyday lives from school, families, friends and popular culture. They will study God’s Word in an atmosphere filled with creative activities and games with the intentions of building a real, personal constant relationship with our savior Jesus.

Crossing Zone

Grades 4 – 6th

In Fellowship Hall 

Every Wednesday

6:30 – 7:15 pm

Crossing Zone is on winter break, resuming February 10.
Starting February 10, Crossing Zone will return to its previously scheduled meeting time of 6:30 – 7:30 pm, meeting in Fellowship Hall.


  1. All children MUST WEAR MASKS the entire time they are on site and participating with their groups.
  2. Each individual is required to fill out a Covid Release Form and a Health Waiver in order to participate in programs. 
  3. Parents must pick up and drop off only at Miller Commons Lobby doors.
  4. Due to COVID -19 restrictions and unpredictability please check the website regularly for updates.


For questions or concerns or interest in Crossing Zone please contact Holly Asciutto at 609.273.7465
Registration for Crossing Zone is required and all are welcome to join us.  Please fill out this short Youth and Kids Sign Up registration form so we may be sure your child is assigned to the right class.

Crossing Zone Fun Time!