Let’s go back twenty years to three days in September 2001 that changed everything. I refer to September 10, September 11, and September 12, 2001.
September 10 was the last ordinary day that our nation experienced for a long time. September 11 brought the loss and sorrow of the terrorist attacks. September 12 ushered in a new way of life.
While the September 12th Fund began eight years before those difficult days, the vision that then Interim Pastor Bryant Kirkland, and Dr. James Honan had in 1993 created a crucial form of preparedness for First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown. As we have learned then and now, we’ll never see the momentous challenges coming before they arrive. We simply have to be ready to respond to those unanticipated needs with courage and resolve. Twenty years after 2001, we face another challenge of a worldwide pandemic. We must continue our readiness and resolve for the needs of the moment. That’s why I am so grateful for the September 12th Fund, a special account to celebrate our past and invest in our future.
The September 12th Fund serves as a long-term endowment for our church. Financial contributions to the September 12th Fund are held and invested for the care and protection of our church over time. A designated portion of the earnings are distributed each year for current church needs.
It is the invested gifts of those who came before us that have grown over time to create financial stability for FPC Moorestown even in uncertain times. It is our gifts that will provide that same stability for future generations to weather the storms that will come.
This is especially important for us at times like this COVID-19 pandemic. We can only be ready for these situations if we faithfully prepare, save, and invest for times like these.
There is no better way to protect the future and make a lasting difference financially for our beloved First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown.
This year, September 12th, the birthday of our church, falls on a Sunday. Make it a special year! Celebrate the 133rd Birthday of FPC Moorestown with a special gift. Please consider a gift of $13.30, $133.00, $1,330 or $13,300. Enclosed is a pre-addressed envelope for your convenience, or you may also easily give online.
THANK YOU for your incredible and consistent generosity, especially in these uncertain times. I’m so blessed by you and I thank God for you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Stuart Spencer, Pastor