FPC Moorestown Welcomes New Young Members

The congregation accepts new members with open arms and prayer.

Pastor Stuart Spencer led the CREDO confirmation class for those young people looking to become members of the church. Students who began CREDO last year were also invited to complete the course this year. Each student is assigned a mentor from the congregation to walk this journey with them.
The class met Sunday afternoons on the Van Camp Porch. Members were examined by Session at an outdoor dinner on Sunday, June 6 where the students presented their Statements of Faith.
Those who wished to join First Presbyterian Church were welcomed during worship on Sunday, June 13 at the Traditional Worship service.

2021 CREDO Participants and Mentors

  • Ava Callahan ~ Holly Asciutto
  • Caroline Cristella ~ Jenna Cole
  • Luke Eagles ~ Dave Fauvell
  • Evan Livingston ~ Mike Baker
  • Will McNeil ~ Lorenzo Eagles
  • Alivia Nawrocki ~ Holly Asciutto
  • Max Nicklas ~ Jason Rose

Welcome CREDO class 2021