With 2023 underway, we are preparing to pay our denomination’s per capita apportionment and ask for your help. Members pay this per capita, in addition to one’s annual gift, recognizing that the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) is a connectional church and we are part of a larger family throughout the state and the country with Presbyteries, Synods, and General Assembly. Our 2023 per capita offering remains $38.75 per member.

Submitting Your Per Capita Share

It’s important to note that this per-member offering has not increased for more than 10 years despite increases to Presbytery costs. We appreciate you covering your payment, as you are able. This is a significant help to your church. In 2022, 286/786 members helpfully contributed their per capita. FPC Moorestown therefore paid the balance of $37,239 for our participation in this connectional church. There were 48 opt-outs received @ 38.75 = $1,860 cost savings for our church.

PLEASE DO YOUR PART AND RETURN your contribution of $38.75 per member in the offering plate, by mail, online, through the Church Center app, or drop a check off to the office. Please return this offering by February 28, 2023 to offset the amount the church must pay.

Do you want to “opt out?”See Opt Out Form here …

In 2012, Session voted that if a member prefers that the church NOT pay his/her portion, he or she may “opt out” and ask that their portion be deducted from the total amount the church must pay. To do so, fill out the attached Opt Out form or notify Norman Vandergrift at 856.235.1688, Ext. 112 or Please remember that not paying is not the same as opting out.
On behalf of the Session and Stewardship Committee, thank you to all who gave in support of our ministries this past year. Your steadfast giving allowed us to continue serving the Lord, our congregation and community in creative and Christ-honoring ways.
Stuart Spencer, Pastor
Nancy Chumney, Stewardship Chair