Pastor Update, Coronavirus Letter 29



February 25, 2022
Dear Members and Friends of FPC Moorestown,
Today, we watch with the world the unsettling events taking place in Ukraine. The world is right to be shocked and concerned with what appears to be the opening of a ground war, launched by Russia.
Today, we pick up the powerful tool of intercessory prayer. Do not underestimate the unseen spiritual forces for healing and peace that are unleashed when God’s people pray with humility and perhaps with fasting. I share with you a model of such a prayer from our denomination’s Peace Fellowship:
We sigh.
We sigh because words cannot express our anguish, our hurt, our despair, knowing that siblings in Ukraine are fleeing their homes for their lives, that the cities and towns that hold memories and culture and history may be destroyed. Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans that the Spirit intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words.
And so we sigh. Let us breathe together. (take a deep breath)
May our sighs remind us
that we all share the same air;
that what impacts one of us impacts all of us;
that life is precious to God and war is never necessary.
May our sighs be a prayer
for every Ukrainian who worries about surviving today;
for those who will not survive this invasion;
for those who will survive and be forever changed by the trauma of war;
for those Russian soldiers who question their orders and refuse to use their weapons.
May our sighs be a prayer
for nuclear deproliferation.
May our sighs be a prayer for truth, peace, and solidarity to guide each of us;
May our sighs be a prayer for Ukraine [and for disciples in Ukraine] and the whole world.
May our sighs fill our bodies with air
to breathe through grief and fear and
fill us with courage and connection,
so that we are ready to act in solidarity with Ukraine,
for an end to this war
and all war.
I also want to share good news for us. The NJ CALI score has dropped to the MODERATE level for two weeks. At their stated January meeting, Session decided the following:
When we get a report of the score changing, the [COVID] protocols would automatically change without additional Session approval. Motion: COVID protocols for the church will automatically change with change in CALI score for our area. If the CALI lowers, there will be a 2-week waiting period to loosen protocols.
Here are the protocols for the MODERATE level. The protocols take effect this Sunday morning, February 27, 2022.

For INDOOR SUNDAY WORSHIP – Sanctuary and Miller Commons
1. Masks optional for vaccinated adults. Masks recommended for unvaccinated adults, with all those 18 years of age or younger required to wear masks.
2. All singers in worship will be masked.
There will continue to be no congregational singing.
3. The sanctuary will be open seating, with social distancing when possible. People will be free to sit where they are comfortable.
4. Check-in, communion and collection practices will remain as current policy indicates.

1. Masks optional for vaccinated adults, recommended for unvaccinated adults. If 1 or more participants are 18 years of age or under – ALL participants in the room will be required to wear masks (this includes Sunday School, youth group meetings).
2. Participants in any choir rehearsal/concert will be required to wear masks while singing.
3. No food will be served indoors.

We continue to hope for dropping CALI scores and more loosening of restrictions. I thank our Session and Staff for their tireless leadership.
I look forward to beginning our Lenten journey this week with you.
Sincerely and gratefully yours in Christ,
Stuart Spencer, Pastor