Trek Malawi

From from July 7-18, 2023, First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown Pastor Stuart Spencer and FPC Moorestown church member Jim Dugan, joined a unique group of adventurers on a bicycle trip through the African country of Malawi. UrbanPromise International launched a transformational opportunity called “Trek Malawi.”
This blessed group of adventurers cycled 300 miles (500 km) and visited UrbanPromise ministry sites along the way – while raising $50,000 close to $70,000 to fund summer camps for 3000 kids in Malawi!

Highlights from Stuart and Jim’s Amazing Adventure!



First Day Riding

We did 46.5 miles. Lots of hills, lots of goats and lots of children waving and calling out to us.
I feel good tonight. I got some cramps in my legs at the end of the day.
More water tomorrow.

Malawi Delicacies 

A word about the Malawian delicacies pictured here. They are mice not rats. They are gutted and boiled in water. I will NOT be sampling. Thank you very much. (mice on a spit, ugh; riding on a dirt road)

Our First UrbanPromise Partner Visit

Our first visit is to Seeds of Promise founded by Maclean. It’s a training center for young people. There are many types of training happening at this mission – sewing is just one. They run holiday camps for 100 children.
Seeds of Promise owns 50 acres of land. They grow all kinds of produce, here bananas. The vision is to bring children here for camp, including feeding.

Visiting Old Friends and Making New!

We saw our dear friend Hamilton Douglas Banda and his ministry to orphans and street children called Life Coaching Ministries.
All along the way we were overwhelmed by the love and good prayers from the the Malawi people. Whether we met on the road or as a mission friend, all shared God’s love with us. 
And our friends at home were praying for our journey each day. What a blessing!

At Youth Care Mission

The first property purchased by Urban Promise and paid for in large measure by First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown! We replaced this brick walkway in 3 hours.

Young and Empowered

We make one last visit to an Urban Promise partner called Young and Empowered. Since it’s Sunday, students and teachers are normally here. They came to greet us. We heard amazing stories of God’s grace. We prayed with the youth leaders. So inspiring.
We finished our ride! No spills, no injuries! Thank you Lord. We pack tonight and begin our trip home tomorrow. Thanks for praying. Thanks for your interest and support.

Safely Home Reminiscing

“God gives but He doesn’t share.”
Jim Cummings said that to us as a few of us stood together after returning this morning from the airport. Everything I have I can quickly and easily trace back to the Lord’s open handed generosity.

As I sit in my lovely home with every luxury, drinking coffee and petting my dog, I thinking about Jim’s words. Jesus teaches me that to whom much is given, much is required. This trip leaves me with an overwhelming awareness of how little so many have and how hard life can be for them.
I’m also thankful that I met numerous young leaders in Malawi who are changing the lives of children and young people and thus the country itself. They inspire me to bold and joyful giving. I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

The Wrap-Up Meeting

Pastor Spencer and the team met with members and friends to talk about the trip. 
The take away of the evening – A young woman from the Young and Empowered ministry stated simply, “UrbanPromise brings hope where there is no hope.”


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